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Dinosaurs on the Dolomites

Traces of prehistoric animals in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

( Feltre, 14 March 12 )

About thirty years ago Vittorino Cazzetta discovered a series of strange aligned holes on a huge rock on the slopes of Mount Pelmetto. They were the footprints left more than 200 million years before by the dinosaurs that walked on a muddy tropical plain: Cazzetta had discovered the first proof of the presence of dinosaurs in Italy.

Many other findings followed that first discovery in the dolomites' area. One of the most recent ones involves the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park too, that is the Val Pegolera, on the slopes of the Monti del Sole, one of the most arduous and inaccessible areas in the Park.

There Gianni Lovato found a series of footprints impressed on a big dolomite rock, unfortunately ruined by the weather and therefore not easily identifiable. The footprints were analyzed by two experts from the University of Padua: the Professor Paolo Mietto and Mr. Matteo Belvedere, who found at least two types of footprints: one left by the crocodylomorpha and one by the prosauropoda. Read more (in Italian)

Dinosaurs on the Dolomites
Dinosaurs on the Dolomites
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