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The apples’ Jurassic Park!

Walk and games for children and families

Sunday 22 July 2018

Easy guided excursion to Col dei Mich, at the foot of the Vette Feltrine, to discover an educational fruit orchard where ancient varieties of apples and pears are cultivated to save them from extinction: a real Jurassic Park for good mountain fruit!

Difference in elevation: very slight - Level of difficulty: easy

Duration: 3 hours

Meeting at 10am at the parking lot of the restaurant "Antica Torre", Col dei Mich (Sovramonte)

Participation is free of charge

Possibility to have lunch at restaurant "Antica Torre" at a discounted price

Info and booking: coop. Mazarol, mobile 329.0040808 - ristorante All'Antica Torre: tel. 0439.1995149 mobile. 329.0662258 - 328.9759934

Tag: tours, guided visits, environmental education , animation
Place: Ristorante All'Antica Torre - Col dei Mich   Town: Sovramonte (BL)  
Ristorante All'Antica Torre. Col dei Mich
Ristorante All'Antica Torre. Col dei Mich
(photo by Stefano Mariech)
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