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Ovis musimon

Classe: Mammiferi (Mammalia)

Order: Artiodattili (Artiodactyla)

Family: Bovidi (Bovidae)

Dimensions: length 110-120 cm, height at shoulders 65-75 cm

Habitat: it lives in mountain pastures and in high-mountain shrubby areas

Diet: it feeds on graminaceous plants and other kinds of grass

Reproduction: in autumn

Cubs: single or twin births occur in spring

Curiosities: it mainly feeds during the night, while during the day it hides in the woods

Notes: adult males have spiral antlers and a reddish-brown coat with two big white spots on both sides; the snout is white and becomes even whiter when they grow older. Females and babies live in herds during the whole year; males join in separate herds, meeting the females individually during the autumn

In the Park: Altipiano Erera Piani Eterni, Mt. Pizzocco, Val di Canzoi. The species, typical of Sardinia and Corsica, was introduced by man in the 70s

Mouflon females
Mouflon females
(photo by Bruno Boz)
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