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The Park hosts the most famous representatives of the alpine fauna, with the only exception of the Alpine ibex. In addition to chamois, deers and roe deers, in the 1970s also mouflons arrived as a consequence of their introduction in the territory for hunting purposes, carried out before the establishment of the Park.
In the Park, 42 mammal species have been currently registered, 14 of them are included in the annexes of the EU Habitat Directive and therefore object of particular protection. Here 11 bat species, foxes, marmots, badgers and squirrels, stoats and martens are present.
Among carnivores it is worth mentioning the bear, the lynx and the wolf and, since 2014, the wildcat has been also observed.
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Rupicapra rupicapra
Marmota marmota
Ovis musimon
Cervus elaphus
Capreolus capreolus
Mustela erminea
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