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Municipalities: Sospirolo, Sedico

Access: From San Gottardo (leave the car near the church)

Difficulty reaching and moving about in the area: None

Recommended time of year: Spring

Habitat: Vast meadows cut regularly surrounded by coppiced woods and riparian formations. The road leading to Salet follows the Cordevole Torrent whose banks provide interesting breeding habitats for amphibians

Wildlife to look out for: Common toad, common frog, fire salamander, green lizard, green woodpecker, roe deer, red deer, chamois

Equipment: No particular equipment is required

Notes: An exceptional site for watching roe deer and also chamois

Municipality: Sedico (BL) | View on Map
Prati di Salet and Mt. Coro
Prati di Salet and Mt. Coro
(photo by Oscar Marco Mussoi)
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