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Pramper Torrent - Pian de Palui

Municipality: Val di Zoldo

Access: From Val di Zoldo by car along a road about half of which is open to traffic, then on foot

Difficulty reaching and moving about in the area: Medium

Recommended time of year: Summer

Habitat: Wooded valley with pastures and interesting wetland areas (Pra Torond bog and Pian de Palui). In the highest part of the valley, the larch woods give way to mugo pine, pastures and upland grasslands

Wildlife to look out for: Common frog, alpine newt, yellow-bellied toad, common grass snake, common adder, viviparous lizard, goshawk, Tengmalm's owl, black woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, capercaillie, roe deer

Equipment: Walking boots and normal mountain gear.

Notes: Observant visitors to Pian de Palui can see all the species of amphibian and reptile listed above. You can stop or stay the night at the Rifugio Pramperet alpine hut.

Municipality: Val di Zoldo (BL) | View on Map
Cima di Pramper from malga Pramperet
Cima di Pramper from malga Pramperet
(photo by Enrico Vettorazzo)
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