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Croce d'Aune

Municipalities: Pedavena, Sovramonte

Access: From Croce d'Aune, then on foot

Difficulty reaching and moving about in the area: None

Recommended time of year: Autumn

Habitat: Forest alternating with grassland, some alpine huts

Wildlife to look out for: Migratory passerines (chaffinch, brambling, siskin, greenfinch, song thrush, redwing, fieldfare, etc.), black woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, common buzzard, roe deer, fox.

Equipment: Walking boots are recommended

Notes: Migrating birds can best be observed from viewpoints with binoculars

Municipality: Pedavena (BL) | View on Map
Dal Piaz Mountain Hut from Croce d'Aune
Dal Piaz Mountain Hut from Croce d'Aune
(photo by Enrico Vettorazzo)
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