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Table 2: The Animals Special Project working group

Marco Apollonio - Department of Zoology and Biological Anthropology - University of Sassari Scientific manager and special sections on the wolf
Andrea Mustoni Technical orientation and special sections on the bear, steinbock and fox
Barbara Chiarenzi - Oikos Institute - Varese Technical orientation and editing, special sections on the bear, steinbock and fox
Sandro Ruffo and Beatrice Sambugar Special sections on invertebrates
Enrico Marconato - Aquaprogram s.r.l. Special sections on fish
Andrea Dall'Asta Special sections on amphibians, reptiles and medium-sized carnivores
Michele Cassol Special sections on birds (except galliformes), amphibians, reptiles and medium-sized carnivores
Paolo and Giacomo De Franceschi Special sections on alpine galliformes
Maurizio Ramanzin - Department of Animal Sciences at Padua University Special sections on ungulates
Marco Catello Special sections on the lynx
Pier Giuseppe Meneguz and Luca Rossi - Department of Animal Production, Epidemiology and Ecology, Turin University Special sections on health aspects
Simonetta Fuser, Mara Maffei In charge of the G.I.S. section
Enrico Vettorazzo - Belluno Dolomites National Park Contact for the Belluno Dolomites National Park
Gianpiero Andreatta - Local Coordination Centre for the Environment, State Forestry Corps Contact for the State Forestry Corps
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