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Table 3. Summary of invertebrates surveyed in the BDNP

Phylum Class Order Total
Annelida Oligochaeta   4
Arthropoda Arachnida Acarina 11
  Crustacea Copepoda 14
    Ostracoda 2
  Hexapoda (Insects) Amphipoda 1
    Coleoptera 87
    Diptera 31
    Ephemeroptera 6
    Lepidoptera 95
    Plecoptera 20
    Trichoptera 19
Mollusca Gastropoda   9
  Other Mollusca   147
Total     446

Wildlife analysis
The numerous research projects carried out during recent years by the Park have enabled a relatively detailed picture of the species present in the area to be drawn up. Further studies are, however, necessary, in particular for the invertebrates of which only 446 species have been surveyed to date (Table 3). Endemic species of hypogean fauna and Rosalia alpine, a Cerambycidae beetle listed in Annex II of EC 92/43, the Habitat Directive, are particularly important.

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