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The Memory Bank

In these pages, we would like to collect the memoirs, the accounts, the values, the experiences, and the myths of the culture of Bellunese area of yesterday, today, and tomorrow...

  • Ancient varieties of apples and pears (mp3 - 02:23 - 428kb - from the database Ancient Cultivars)
    Our elderly interlocutor, interviewed in her own kitchen at home, describes some ancient varieties of apples and pears she remembers and illustrates their features. Among the others, she mentions pér Canarìn, pér da le Tharpe, and pér Torondèi.

  • The role of emigration in the creation of apple and pear varieties (mp3 - 15:36 - 2.6Mb - from the database Ancient Cultivars)
    Our interlocutor describes and draws some ancient varieties of apples and pears, reconstructing the history for each of them. Many apples and pears he remembers (many of which can no longer be found) were varieties imported by his father or other emigrants from America and Africa. In particular, he mentions the following varieties: pér Anguriéta, pér de Agosto, pér Sangonèi, pér e pón de Pin, pér Thucherìn, pón de l'Òio, de santa Anna, Americani, dell'inverno, pér de la Mèrdha.

  • Management of ancient varieties of apples and pears (mp3 - 7:19 - 1.2Mb - from the database Ancient Cultivars)
    Our interlocutor, interviewed in her own house, talks about the plants she had in her fields, the way they were treated, and their use. She describes the features of the varieties of pér Spada, pér del Diàol, pér de la Favorita, pér de san Piero, pér Moscatèi.

  • Grafting (mp3 - 7:29 - 1.2Mb - from the database Ancient Cultivars)
    Our interlocutor, interviewed while strolling with him in his fields where it is possible to find the plants he is talking about, describes how he practiced grafting, which were the grafted plants, which were the plants cultivated by his father and which by himself, the supply procedures of the wild plant to practice grafting. It talks about each plant describing and showing it, and recalling further plants which can no longer be found, but of which he perfectly recalls the "biography".
  • Beans (mp3 - 10:11 - 1.7Mb - from the database Ancient Cultivars)
    Our interlocutor talks about the bean production while showing them to us, taking them out from big bags where she preserves them. She talks about and compares Lamon beans and gialét beans, she describes the moments of the sowing and the harvesting, the exchange of the seeds, their preservation, and the problems of seed hybridization. She concludes talking about the "eye of the bean".
  • Elderly person calling the hens (mp3 - 00:50 - 992Kb)

  • Elderly person telling traditional tales (mp3 - 12:31 - 14.3Mb)
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