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Thematic Trails

Thematic trails have been chosen among the most representative routes to describe one specific feature of the territory (history, archaeology, traditional human activities, geomorphology, etc.). The first six thematic trails satisfy the most exacting hikers thanks to the detailed information provided by the guidebooks and the presence of specific panels along the trail.

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Archaeological Itinerary on the Footsteps of Mazarol
Duration: 2 h 30 m
Potholes in Val del Mis
Difficulty Level: T - Tourist (level)
Duration: 30 m
Warrior Saints and Healer Saints in Dolomiti Bellunesi
Difficulty Level: E - Hiking (level)
Geological Itinerary across Buse delle Vette
Difficulty Level: EE - For expert hikers
Duration: 6 h
Discovering the Serenissima wood
Difficulty Level: T - Tourist (level)
Duration: 2 h 30 m
Military Roads and Ancient Miners' Roads
Difficulty Level: E - Hiking (level)
On the Footsteps of the Ancient Wayfarers in Val Cordevole
Difficulty Level: E - Hiking (level)
Duration: 8 h
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