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Hazel Grouse

Bonasa bonasia

Classe: Uccelli (Aves)

Dimensions: length 35 cm, wingspan 52 cm

Life: 7 years

Habitat: mixed conifer and broadleaf tree woods, rich in undergrowth and with wide clearings,especially between 700 and 1,500 meters

Diet: in winter it feeds on needles and small branches, in spring on buds and flowers, in summer on fruits, berries, insects, spiders, worms, and mollusks.

Reproduction: the pair already forms in winter; at the beginning of May the female lays 7-11 eggs which it hides in the ground.

Cubs: they are born after almost one month of incubation and after about 40 days they can fly. At the end of the summer the young birds leave the family.

Curiosities: it is a very reserved bird that, thanks to a very sharp sense of hearing, can foresee danger and hide into the wood before being seen.

Notes: while females and chicks move about a lot, also very far, males always occupy the same territory, defending it from rivals.

In the Park: the species is present all over the Park, especially in the eastern section (Mt. Schiara, Conca di Cajada, Monti del Sole).

Black Grouse
Black Grouse
(photo by Fabrizio Friz (CTA-CFS))
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