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Rock Partridge

Alectoris graeca

Classe: Uccelli (Aves)

Dimensions: length 35 cm, wingspan 55 cm

Habitat: stony ground and dry, steep, and sunny prairies with dwarf shrubs and graminaceous plants, above all between 1,000 and 2,000 meters.

Diet: berries, graminaceous plants and insects in summer; grains, seeds, and stems in winter.

Reproduction: each pair occupies a territory in spring, where the female lays 8-14 eggs on the ground at mid-May. Hatching lasts about 25 days.

Cubs: they are born in June and can follow the mother from their very first day of life; they develop completely in three months.

Curiosities: while brooding the female is very sensitive, and, if disturbed, may abandon the nest.

Notes: the number of rock partridges has decreased because of several factors, among which the abandonment of mowing activities in high-mountain meadows.

In the Park: in the whole Park, wherever there is an ideal habitat. Especially Mt. Serva, Mt. Talvena, Cimonega group, Busa delle Vette, Mt. Brendol.

Rock Partridge
Rock Partridge
(photo by Nino Martino)
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