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Project implemented with the contribution of the European Union,
program Leader II - FESR Fund


What is "Carta Qualità"

The Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park territory consists not only of mountains, streams, woods, and unique plants and animals, but also of local agricultural products, whose survival is today threatened by the industrialization and globalization of the agricultural and food industry. The territory also includes traditional artisan products that are often a heritage of only a few elderly people, and tourist facilities of good quality.
In particular, agricultural and food products make up a perfect synthesis of the binomial man-nature: within the Park there are many types of food boasting a long productive tradition and transforming the environmental peculiarities of these mountains into unique flavours.
In order to promote the area, consisting of naturalistic and historic values, but also of cultural, anthropic and economic values, as a whole, the "Carta Qualità" project was born: a suite of criteria on whose basis the logo of the Park (Campanula morettiana - a Dolomites endemic flower) is awarded to services and products ensuring a minimum standard of quality and respecting certain criteria of environment protection.

What it is for

The Carta Qualità has two functions:
To ensure a level of quality to those visiting the Park: those indicated with the Bluebell logo comply with standards fixed by the Park and contribute to the quality of the Park considered as a "product";
To promote people operating on the territory: Marked products and places assume visibility towards tourists and residents.

How it works

Protocols have been drawn up for each productive area: these are documents stating the quality and environment protection requisites which an economic activity must meet in order to be able to bear the Park brand and be indicated in the "Carta Qualità".
The products and services included in the Carta Qualità benefit from the promoting activity carried out by the Park Authority, both at a local and national level, such as the printing and free distribution of leaflets, the reporting of the firms in the Park's newsletter (the latter is sent to all residents of the fifteen townships in the Park), the participation in local and national Exhibitions, the inclusion in a dedicated area of the Park's website (which counts more than 150,000 visitors each year).

The "Carta Qualità system" is articulated on three levels: Golden bluebell, Silver bluebell and Friends of the Park
The first bracket includes products and services, (made or offered in the area of the 15 townships of the Park), having a third-party environment certification (organic agriculture, Ecolabel, ISO 14000, Emas).
The second bracket includes products and services, (made or offered in the 15 Park townships) which respect the rules and regulations drawn up by the Park Authority.
In the third bracket are included firms supplying a service (such as shops, restaurants, travel agencies) which are not necessarily within the 15 townships of the Park, but do collaborate with the Park Authority to attain the institutional aims of conservation of natural resources and sustainable development. These firms are a sort of "ambassadors" of the Park towards large urban centres in Italy and abroad, but also towards townships bordering the Park.
The firms belonging to this third bracket are identified by the words "Friends of the Park", together with a violet bluebell.
The third bracket also includes events like fairs, exhibitions, sporting and cultural events, which are organized both within the territory of the 15 townships of the Park and outside the territory, and also includes environment education within the same territory.

Unique flavours

The local gastronomic tradition is bound to the wild and half-wild breeding of cows (but also of sheep and goats), which used to be the main economic activity up to the period after the Second World War. Cheese, meat and salami take the lion's share among "the flavours of the Park". Unfortunately, shepherd hut cheese producers are becoming evermore less, but through huge investments the Park has restructured five shepherd huts, thus reviving the Alpine dairy industry.
Numerous are the producers of fine mountain honey, while old farmers, but also a few young people fond of the land, cultivate legumes (such as the famous beans from Lamon), old varieties of apples, barley from Agordo, emmer, and nuts and chestnuts from Feltre.

The Park menu

Thanks to an agreement between the Park and some sensitive restaurant managers, the initiative "Park menu" was born.
In places marked by a Moretti bluebell, visitors and residents will be able to taste dishes prepared with the products boasting the logo of the Park.
A way of increasing the value of typical local products, combining their quality with the expertise and fantasy of some of the best restaurant managers working in the 15 townships of the Park.

Where to sleep: "Carta Qualità" and tourist facilities

To reconcile environment protection with tourist fruition is one of the aims of protected areas.
For this reason the Park has decided to "indicate" to visitors the tourist facilities offering a good quality service, whilst respecting nature.
Alpine huts, farmhouses, Bed & Breakfast, room-renters , hotels, camping sites and hostels observing precise environment protection parameters can boast the logo "Carta Qualità".
The prescriptions to be observed in order to enter the circuit concern water and energy saving, recycling and reduction of garbage, minimum guaranteed services for tourists, the use of local and typical products in restaurant managing.
In the indicated facilities tourists can find free promoting material of the Park and receive basic information for visiting the protected area.

Crafts and commerce

The area of the Park boasts a long artisan tradition: wood and stone working, chair mending, the art of wrought iron have since long been typical activities of these valleys, as is testified by the few activities still existing.
The high historic and social value of traditional crafts contrasts with its economic feebleness. In order to preserve and spread these activities, the Park gives its logo to all businesses committing to artistic and traditional crafts.
Tradesmen, too, are engaged in promoting the Park. Some shops provide information on Park facilities and on local tourist offers. In indicated shops you may also find material and publications of the Park on sale.

"Carta Qualità" and environment education

The activities concerning environment education have a fundamental importance for the Park as they promote the culture of protecting and enhancing the value of environmental resources, promote the knowledge of the territory, both among tourists and residents, and stimulate individual and social behaviour complying with sustainability principles.
For this reason, whoever intends to carry out these activities under the Park brand must respect strict rules and regulations, establishing the organizational modes, aims and features of environment protection activities. The latter will have to comply with the finalities of the Park and always be inspired to the principle of "do not leave anything behind but your footpaths - do not take anything with you but your impressions".

"Carta Qualità" and public events

Public events intending to use the Park logo have to comply with certain requisites of quality. In particular, the Park brand may be granted to cultural initiatives and events promoting local traditions or aiming at discovering and getting people to know places of the Park. Such events must be compatible with the institutional mission of the Park, which consists in protecting natural resources, and must have a low environment impact and use promotional messages compatible with the image and values of the territory.

How to join "Carta Qualità"

In order to enter the circuit of Carta Qualità, it is sufficient to fill in the forms which may be downloaded from the Park's website, at the following address:
The forms must be sent to:
Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi
Piazzale Zancanaro, 1
32032 Feltre - BL
Tel. 0439.3328 Fax 0439.332999
If the firm is in line with what is envisaged by the rules and regulations for the brand, the Park Authority will grant the firm the use the Park's brand.
Periodically the Park Authority proceeds to verify the conformity of the firm's requisites and, in case of non-conformity, will revoke the use of the brand.







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