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Recovering Mountain Pastures

The Park was born to safeguard not only the naturalistic aspects, but also the human presence in the mountains: for this reason, since its establishment, it has devoted itself to the recovery of one of the few structures that are still active. A rational activity of summer pasture in the mountains is indeed an example of perfect integration between man and natural environment and the maintenance of meadows and pastures has not only a merely productive importance, but also an environmental and landscape value.
The meadow environments house particular vegetal and animal species (among the others, the very rare Corncrake) and their conservation has positive effects on the control of fires and hydrogeological problems.

Aims of the Measures
The Plan of the Park provides for the implementation of the special project "malga modello" (sample mountain pasture). It includes an articulated series of measures to recover the still active mountain pastures, rationalize the activities of summer pasture in the mountains, integrate the forest and wildlife management measures of the Park with those regarding the mountain pastures.
The aim is to create sample structures in which innovative technologies are applied but, at the same time, the traditional working techniques are maintained.
In particular, the mountain pastures recovered by the Park want to be a concrete application example of:
- ecocompatible mountain pasture activities, with particular attention to the organic agriculture and animal breeding methods, according to the EEC Regulations 2092/91 and 1804/99;
- multifunctionality of the cropping farm in the mountain area, through the holiday farm and the organization of environmental education activities;
- production, sale, and promotion of local products;
- installations based on renewable sources of energy.

The Implemented Measures
In its first years of activity, the Park invested almost four billion Italian liras (over 2,065,000 €) to recover the mountain pastures and the so-called "pendane" (the open stables offering the cattle grazing in the mountain pastures shelter for the night), make them more accessible caring about the road network, and provide them with modern milking and cheese making installations to make cheese, butter, and ricotta cheese.
Moreover, it committed a considerable amount of money to improve the life conditions of the people working in the mountain pastures (called "malgari") providing them with drinkable water and energy.
While building the new installations, renewable sources of energy were used: forest biomass, bio-diesel, thermal and photovoltaic solar energy.
Thanks to these considerable investments, today in the Park there are five active mountain pastures; four of them with cattle: Casera dei Boschi, in the Municipality of Pedavena, Vette Grandi, in the Municipality of Sovramonte, Erera, in the Municipality of Cesiomaggiore, Pramper, in the Municipality of Forno di Zoldo; one with sheep: Pian dei Fioch in the Municipality of Belluno.




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