The Park is situated on the southern border of the dolomitic area and it represents a sector of the southeastern Alps of noteworthy and acknowledged environmental interest, with a high level of naturality and an excellent conservation of the ecosystems.
It develops at an altitude between 412 m and 2,565 m, therefore it includes a great variety of environments: from the riparian areas of the valley bottom to the high-altitude rocky walls, through broad-leaved tree and conifer forests, high-altitude shrublands, grasslands and screes.

Of a total surface extending for more than 31,000 hectares, more than 18,000 hectares are covered with forests (almost 60% of the Park), meadows and pastures occupy 12% of the total surface (3,800 hectares), whereas the rocky environments occupy over a quarter of the Park’s area (8,700 hectares).
Water courses and lakes are present in 1% of the Park (more than 400 hectares).
Only a minimum surface is occupied by streets and built-up areas.