Val Pramper

Cima di Pramper from malga Pramperet
(photo by: Enrico Vettorazzo)

Situated between the dolomitic cliffs of Spiz di Mezzodì in the east and Moschesin in the west, Val Pramper is closed by a glacial cirque (Val Balanzola) and seems a typical dolomitic glacial valley. The steep and rocky slopes delimiting it are linked to the large bottom of the valley by vast sediment layers, partly stabilized and covered with conifer woods and partly active and unstable (screes and sediment flows colonized by Mugo Pine). From the woody bottom of the valley, the stony riverbed of the stream Prampera stands out. Besides the woodlands, where Spruce Firs and Larches prevail, you will also meet some interesting grasslands: Pian Palui, grazing land with wet meadows and small peat bogs deriving from the silting up of an ancient marsh upstream a morainic bank, the pastures of Malga Prampèr and Prà de la Vedova, a charming and flat saddle shaped in the soft and impervious calcareous-marly rocks of the S.Cassiano formation, characterized by wet meadows too. The rich flora includes all the typical species of the dolomitic environments and some precious entities like Galium margaritaceum and the famous Yellow Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium calceolus). Among the most interesting wildlife species, there are the Black Grouse and the Capercaillie, which particularly suffer from the environmental changes and the human presence, and for this reason deserve great attention and safeguard.

Comune: Val di Zoldo (BL)