The life of many animals depends on water. Certain vegetal habitats of great importance are strictly linked to water.
Except for the high-mountain karst areas (Circhi delle Vette, Piani Eterni, Van de Zità), where infrequent brooks are immediately swallowed up by underground cavities, the Park watercourses flow in a complex network of valleys and dells often having the features of narrow ravines. There are many springs emerging to the surface in woodlands, accompanied by showy cushions of musk. It is frequent to run into foamy waterfalls and spectacular potholes.
Moreover, the swampy meadows that are present in some areas of the Park are noteworthy: Conca dei Laghetti near Erera, Pian de Palùi in Val Pramper, and Conca di Palughèt in Caiada Forest, just to mention a few of them. These wetlands are extremely rare in the Park territory and deserve particular care and safeguard.