Fir Woods

The climate of Dolomiti Bellunesi is not particularly suitable for a large diffusion of pure Norway spruce woods, the latter being common in the subalpine belt of the innermost areas of the Alps.
However, the Norway Spruce (Picea abies) is widespread in high-mountain beech woods and in mixed woods with Silver Firs or Larches, both because it has been planted by man and is characterized by a easy dissemination.
The Silver Fir (Abies alba) has similar needs as beeches, and therefore these trees frequently grow together. Woods dominated by Silver Firs are quite localized, and can be found in particular in Conca di Cajada and Val del Grisol.
The Silver Fir woods of Val del Grisol are very interesting and particular from a naturalistic point of view: they include various species of noble broadleaf trees (Lime Trees, Maples, Ash Trees). A rich fauna lives in these woods, especially in mixed woods. Among the most important animals, there are the Pygmy Owl, a tiny member of the Strigidae family with more daily than nocturnal habits, and the Capercaillie, which is very susceptible to noises and prefers to live in quiet and solitary woods.