Dolomiti Bellunesi are characterized by a great variety of environments giving the opportunity to many animal species to find the adequate conditions to live and reproduce.
There are 114 bird species nesting in the Park, 20 amphibian and reptile species. There are over 3,000 chamois and more than 2,000 roe deer. There are almost 100 species of diurnal butterflies and about 50 species of carabid beetles.
There are also some important exclusive endemic species (that is, species living only here and in no other part of the world) among the insects inhabiting the karst cavities. The great charm of mountain animals depends on their capacity to live in difficult, often extreme conditions. They can cope with the winter intense cold, the shortage of food, the lashing wind, and the strong sun radiations thanks to admirable adaptation strategies.
Therefore, after a careful observation, every single habitat reveals us a great richness of animal forms which is often invisible to those who do not have a patient and respectful approach to nature.