(photo by: Valter Binotto)

Marmota marmota

Classe: Mammiferi (Mammalia)

Order: Roditori (Rodentia)

Family: Sciuridi (Sciuridae)

Dimensions: length 50-58 cm

Habitat: Alpine prairies, especially on the southern slopes, where the soil and rocks are steady.

Diet: seeds and grass.

Reproduction: the mating season is at the end of April.

Cubs: 4-5 babies are born, coming out of the den only in July, about forty days after the birth.

Curiosities: the first marmot becoming aware of a danger gives the alarm with repeated and very high whistles; when it sights the Golden Eagle, it utters only one very long whistle.

Notes: marmots live in family groups; at the end of October they retire into dens deep in the earth and spend the winter in hibernation.

In the Park: only in the eastern areas: Mt. Serva, Mt. Schiara, Van de Zità.