Mouflon females
(photo by: Bruno Boz)

Ovis musimon

Classe: Mammiferi (Mammalia)

Order: Artiodattili (Artiodactyla)

Family: Bovidi (Bovidae)

Dimensions: length 110-120 cm, height at shoulders 65-75 cm

Habitat: it lives in mountain pastures and in high-mountain shrubby areas

Diet: it feeds on graminaceous plants and other kinds of grass

Reproduction: in autumn

Cubs: single or twin births occur in spring

Curiosities: it mainly feeds during the night, while during the day it hides in the woods

Notes: adult males have spiral antlers and a reddish-brown coat with two big white spots on both sides; the snout is white and becomes even whiter when they grow older. Females and babies live in herds during the whole year; males join in separate herds, meeting the females individually during the autumn

In the Park: Altipiano Erera Piani Eterni, Mt. Pizzocco, Val di Canzoi. The species, typical of Sardinia and Corsica, was introduced by man in the 70s