Red Deer

Red deer
(photo by: Enrico Canal (CTA-CFS))

Cervus elaphus

Classe: Mammiferi (Mammalia)

Order: Artiodattili (Artiodactyla)

Family: Cervidi (Cervidae)

Dimensions: length up to 260 cm; height at shoulders 150 cm

Life: 25-30 years

Habitat: it lives in open woods, moorlands, and mountain pastures

Diet: it has a very varied diet (especially grass, leaves, small plants)

Reproduction: the mating season is in autumn, when the male attracts the female with his characteristic bell

Cubs: in spring a single baby is born

Curiosities: during the mating season, males splash about in puddles or wallow in mud

Notes: the coat is reddish-brown in summer and becomes greyish-brown in winter, with a mane of long hair developing on the neck of males. Antlers change every year and may present anomalies depending on different factors. When it lives in open areas, it forms large herds; on the contrary, when it lives in the woodlands, groups are smaller

In the Park: Zoldo, Cajada, Monte Serva, Val Imperina, Camporotondo, Piani di Erera, Piani Eterni, Agordino. The species is growing in number