The Trail of the Caserin (Sass de Mura)

La Stua Lake from CAI 806
(photo by: Archivio PNDBL)

Access: Stua Lake, upper Caorame Valley (trail no. 806), Pian della Regina (Feltre Mountain Hut), Troi dei “Caserin” (trail no. 801), Conca di Neva (Boz Mountain Hut), Val Canzoi (trail no. 811).

A trail developing among rocky ledges, in a dolomitic setting
The trail of the “Caserin” is a high-mountain trail connecting the isolated nival basin of Pian della Regina (Feltre Mountain Hut) with the pastures of the basin of Neva (Boz Mountain Hut). The trail develops among steep slopes covered with meadows and rocky ledges, in a characteristic dolomitic setting, crossing the whole southern wall of Sass de Mura at its foot. The complete itinerary gives the opportunity to observe features linked to the glacial environment (relict glacial cirques and sheepbacks), to the high-mountain periglacial environment (nival basins), some karst features (karst pavement), but above all features linked to the action of the watercourses (waterfalls, giants kettles, torrential features).
Among the other things, the spectacular Sass de Mura overthrust stands out: it is an important thrust fault leading more ancient sedimentary rocks to “slip” over more recent rocks. During the folding of the dolomitic chain (compression of the Earth’s crust linked to the collision between the African plate and the European plate), the massif of Sass de Mura, consisting of Dolomia Principale, “slipped over” more recent rocks belonging to the Biancone and Scaglia Rossa formations.

Rocks, environments, and other features

Rocks: Dolomia Principale (Sass de Mura); Biancone (basin of Neva, Col dei Bechi, casera Cimonega); Scaglia rossa (Pass de Mura, basin of Neva, Boz Mountain Hut)
Landscape features:
Glacial features: glacial cirques (Pian della Regina, conca Cimonega); sheepbacks (edges of the cirques)
Karst features: karst pavement (around casera Cimonega)
Periglacial features: nival basins (Pian della Regina, Conca Cimonega)
River-torrential features: small waterfalls and giants kettles (upper Caorame Valley)

Environment / Landscape

“Dolomitic” landscape.

Notes: very demanding itinerary (difference in height 1,400m); short exposed stretches along the “Caserin”