Val Cordevole

Val Cordevole, Candaten, Recreational Area
(photo by: G.Poloniato)

Access: From La Stanga to La Muda bridge, along the SS road 203 “Agordina”, with short lateral detours (entrance of Val di Piero, Agre, entrance of Val Pegolera)

A “channel” connecting the Dolomites with the Alpine Foothills
Val Cordevole, narrow and deep “channel” connecting lower Bellunese area with Agordino area, is a very ancient transverse valley crossing (transversally) the whole chain of Dolomiti Bellunesi. As it is often true for ancient valleys, it is a complex environmental system, whose morphological evolution depended on glaciers, watercourses, the slopes degradation processes (landslides and erosion) and, locally, karst corrosion. The glacial action carried out by the ancient Cordevole valley glacier during the glacial period can be recognized for the slightly U-shape of the transversal silhouette (rather large valley bottom and rather steep slopes). Of particular charm the stretch between La Stanga and Castei, a deep gorge dug into the stratified rocks in subhorizontal banks of Dolomia Principale (karst canyon).
The main valley is completed by a system of narrow/deep lateral valleys and gorges, some of which clearly situated along important faults (Val di Piero, Val Vescovà, Val Pegolera). With short detours from the main road, it is possible to enter and explore very charming and interesting micro-environments:

  • (a) the waterfall in Val di Piero, situated in a gorge environment.
  • (b) the torrential cone of Agre, a large meadow originating from fan-shaped gravelly floods deposited by torrent Pegolera
  • (c) the gorge at the entrance of Val Pegolera and the giants kettles situated at its bottom, “basins” dug on the rocky strata of Dolomia Principale by the vortical movements of water and the detritus transported during the floods
  • (d) the shore of torrent Cordevole, with a rich variety of pebbles: light color pebbles (limestone, dolomia), dark volcanic pebbles (porphyry, andesites, volcanic sandstone), multicolored pebbles (conglomerates, gneiss), foliated silver-gray pebbles (phyllites).

Rocks, environments, and other features

Rocks: Vajont Limestone (S.Gottardo); Gray Limestones (loc. Scalette); Dolomia Principale (from Salet to Castei)
Landscape features:
Glacial features: glacial deposits and “marocche” (Stony Grounds of Vedana)
Karst features: karst springs (La Pissa)
Periglacial features: niches and shelters under the rock
River-torrential features: torrential deposits (shore of torrent Cordevole); alluvial cones (Agre); giants kettles (entrance Val Pegolera); waterfalls (Val di Piero, La Pissa, Val del Mus)

Environment / Landscape

Big transverse valley. Environments of great interest: karst canyon and gorges.

Notes: easy itinerary