Val del Grisol

Pian Fontana Mountain Hut seen from La Vareta
(photo by: Enrico Vettorazzo)

Access: Soffranco, Grisol de fora, Grisol di dentro, Rizapol (SC road, municipal road accessible by car)

An isolated lateral valley
Val del Grisol originates from the confluence of a well-structured network of small valleys crossing and draining the eastern slopes of Schiara-Talvena group (Val dei Ross, Val Costa dei Nass, Val Grave di S.Marco). It is an isolated and lonely lateral valley, dug into a substratum of marine sedimentary rocks of the Jurassic period, belonging to the Soverzene Formation (flint dolomie), to the Igne Formation (marl and limestone), and to the Vajont Limestone (compact limestone stratified in banks). Steep slopes and high cliffs characterize the outcropping areas of the compact/tough formations of Vajont Limestone (rocky steps dominating the settlements of Grisol de fora and Grisol de entro) and of Soverzene Formation (gorges and valley bottom rocky environments); only on the degradable marly substrata of the Igne Formation it is possible to find gentler slopes and rare flat fragments. A small road cutting the mountain side, for long stretches dug in the dolomitic-flint rocks of Soverzene Formation, enters the valley, touching the isolated rural settlements of Grisol de fora and Grisol de entro. Once you reach the innermost sections of the valley, the small road crosses two small bridges (riverbed dug into the flint dolomie) to continue then backwards on the opposite slope, reaching the morainic plateaus of Fagarei and Rizapol; this stretch lies on the soft and degradable marly rocks of the Igne Formations and it is not infrequent to find, among the marly fragments often collapsing on the road, some fossils of ammonite. Immediately before loc. Fagarei, an ancient landslide has caused the evident diversion of torrent Grisol, forcing the torrent to create a new opening by digging a very narrow and deep gorge with a curious meander-like shape.

Rocks, environments, and other features

Rocks: Soverzene Formation (Soffranco; riverbed and gorge of torrent Grisol; road to Grisol de fora); Igne Formation (road to Rizzapol); Vajont Limestone (rocky frames dominating the settlements of Grisol de fora and Grisol de entro; Caserate cliffs)
Landscape features
River-torrential features: gorges; giants kettles; river diversion of torrent Grisol caused by a big ancient landslide (loc. Fagarei)

Environment / Landscape

An Atypical Forest Environment
Among the most interesting valleys of the Park, Val del Grisol distinguishes itself for its particular wet gorges, cool and shady, and for the quality of its silver fir and beech tree woods (rare example of sub-mountain fir tree formation).

Notes: easy itinerary