The territories included in the Park, today almost empty, were inhabited for thousands of years and still keep the precious evidence of the ancient human presence.
It is worth mentioning the many prehistorical archaeological sites; the Valle Imperina Mining Center (a jewel of industrial archeology with an over-half-thousand-years history), which supplied the Republic of Venice with the copper necessary for both the mint and the arsenal; the Certosa di Vedana, an architectural complex of extraordinary value; the small churches at the foot of the mountain; the ancient medieval lodgings in Val Cordevole; the streets and the military works; the alpine meadows used for the summer grazing; all the so-called “lesser” signs of the mountain people’s ancient life: from the “calchere” (ancient kilns for the production of the lime), to the centuries-old corrals built with dry-stone walls. Today the Park engages in the study, the recovery and the tourist valorisation of these ancient evidences, supporting the traditional mountain economy.