Traditional Activities

The mountain territory of Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park is today covered with vast woodlands often concealing several and important signs of the presence and work of man (trails, buildings, and other minor constructions).
In many cases, besides these signs, the place name confirms that these places have been interested by several settlements, suggesting past activities (Mandriz, Val Vachera, Pian de le Stéle, Col de le Scàndole, Val Carbonére), particular features or changes of the vegetal landscape (Carpenada Alta, Pinei, Pala dei Faghér, Costa dei Làres), and shared beliefs (Piaza de le Strighe, Piaza del Diàol, Cògol de le Vane).

The abandonment of several agricultural, breeding, and forest activities has reduced the daily contact of man with the mountains, increasing the distance between them and the settlements of the valley bottoms, and has also contributed to the loss the deep ties existing with an environment which is often mean, but essential for the survival.

In order to promote human presence and activity in such a difficult and complex environment, the Park has contributed to the recovery and improvement of shepherds’ huts and other rural buildings that can still potentially be used. A necessary choice to preserve habitat and landscapes and to promote local and quality products.