Conservation projects

The act establishing the Yellowstone National Park (the most ancient in the world) asserts that the Park “was set aside as a public pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoinment of present and future generations”. Also in Italy the Parks were established to preserve the biodiversity and the landscape: a unique heritage we must pass down to the future generations. To preserve it is necessary to know, for this reason the Park devotes its time and resources to the research and monitoring activities. The results of the researches on the territory allow people to understand what the best way leading to conservation – both passive and active – is. In the first case the ecosystem are allowed to evolve naturally, in the second case the human intervention is necessary, such as for the projects aiming at restocking and reintroducing some species, or for those aiming at removing the allochthonous species that risk to endanger the conservation of the autochthonous species.
Here you will find the main study, research and conservation projects carried out by the Park.