Ticks, a troublesome presence

For a proper and correct information, we must warn visitors that in the Park territory, as in most of the Alpine chain, there are ticks, parasite mites which in some cases can be vectors of human diseases, both infectious and toxic.

The presence of these parasites is a fact we must learn to live with and should not lead you to hold from visiting these extraordinary environments; however, it must be considered in order to take the proper precautions.

During the hike, it is recommended to wear adequate clothes (long and pale color trousers) and to behave correctly: never abandon the trail or the cut clearings, avoiding high grass and to sit on the ground: this already helps to prevent.

Once you come home after the hike, it is useful to carry out a careful control over the whole body.
In case you find ticks on your skin, you should remove them as soon as possible by calling your general practitioner or an emergency ward.