The entrances to the Park

Accesses to the protected area

Taking as its starting point the principle that the roads and paths providing access to the protected area all have a dignity and importance deriving from history, customs and use, the Plan neither creates nor eliminates any access to the Park. This is true for both roads providing access for holidaymakers (Croce d’Aune Pass, Val Canzoi, Val del Mis, Val Cordevole) accessible to motor vehicles and wilder access routes (Val di Lamen, Val di San Martino, Valle dell’Ardo, Caiada, Valdel Grisol, Val Pramper), taking the form of easy paths.
The plan identifies a series of priority actions concerning these accesses: itineraries, information points, didactic information material, environmental improvement, farming measures, study of visitor flows and traffic control.

The Park Gateways

The “Park gateways” are those areas lying outside the boundaries of the protected area which in the past had close economic links with the Park itself and now represent the economic and social development zone.
For the 15 areas identified, the Plan indicates the initiatives to be developed at more length in the Economic and Social Development Plan, considering both conservation and valorisation of the environment and the promotion of cultural and business activities.