From San Gottardo to the Salet meadows

By bike with the children, to observe deers and roe deers

Prati di Salet and Mt. Coro
(photo by: Oscar Marco Mussoi)
  • Departure: San Gottardo (412m)
  • Arrival: San Gottardo (412m)
  • Difficulty Level: TC
  • Length: 4.1 km
  • Difference in height: assente
  • Minimum Altitude: 410m
  • Maximum Altitude: 412m
  • Recommended Period: from April to November

A short and easy flat itinerary from the small village of San Gottardo (to visit the church of the same name), up to the Salet meadows where, in the early morning and in the evening, deer, roe deer and chamois come out to graze.

Ground: 100% unpaved
Location: Val Cordevole
Access: From Belluno reach Ponte Mas (along the Agordina regional road), here follow the signs for the Certosa di Vedana and for San Gottardo. Near the homonymous church there is a small parking lot.
Signage: None.
Didactic supports: Didactic panels of the Park at Salet meadows