Val del Grisol and Costa dei Nass

In the woods of the wildcat

Costa dei Nass
(photo by: E. Vettorazzo)
  • Departure: Soffranco (568m)
  • Arrival: Val Costa dei Nass (776m)
  • Difficulty Level: TC/MC
  • Length: 11.5 km
  • Difference in height: 210m
  • Minimum Altitude: 568m
  • Maximum Altitude: 776m
  • Recommended Period: from June to September

From Soffranco the asphalted road climbs, with a constant slope, along the Val del Grisol, which houses some of the most interesting woods in the park, formed by white fir trees and by noble broad-leaved trees such as maples, lime and ash. Before the Costa Granda bridge, turn right onto the dirt road (CAI 513 trail sign) which goes up the Val dei Nass valley, offering splendid views of the stream below. In this area of ​​the park, since 2014, the presence of one of the most elusive animals of our forests has been detected: the wild cat. Near the ruins of Casera Costa dei Nass the unpaved road turns into a path. From here you return, for the same route as the outward journey, to Soffranco.

Access: from Longarone take the SP 251 Val di Zoldo and follow it for about 5 km to Soffranco, where you could park
Ground: 60% asphalt; 40% unpaved
Didactic supports: didactic panel of the Park at Pont di Costa Granda