Val di Canzoi (By Bike)

Door of the Park

Val Canzoi, landscape from the guest house
(photo by: Enrico Vettorazzo)
  • Departure: Soranzen (416m)
  • Arrival: Casa Al Frassen (809m)
  • Difficulty Level: MC/TC
  • Length: 18 km
  • Difference in height: 393m
  • Minimum Altitude: 416m
  • Maximum Altitude: 809m
  • Recommended Period: from May to October
  • Access: from Feltre take the piedmont road towards Cesionaggior and proceed to Soranzen
  • Ground: 75% asphalt, 25% unpaved
  • Didactic supports: didactic panels of the Park along the way; La Santina environmental education center; Park pedestrial path: Di terra e d’amore

From Soranzen follow the signs for Val Canzoi. The road climbs up to the foot of the suggestive town of Montagne, which can be reached with a short but steep detour (150 meters in altitude). In the locality of Ave you pass alongside the small church of Santa Eurosia (panel of the park) built on the road surface of an ancient communication route (probably the Roman military road Claudia Augusta Altinate). Continue for another 2 kilometers to the Umin bridge, which crosses a spectacular ravine. After passing an uphill stretch, you reach the environmental education center of La Santina. After about 400 meters, at another bridge over the Caorame stream, there is the start of the short pedestrian educational path Di terra e d’amore (panels of the park).
The road proceeds with less slope to the La Guarda power station, near which there is an interesting calchera (ancient furnace for producing lime). You pass the restaurant at the bottom of the valley and, with a short but steep climb uphill, you reach the dam of the lake of La Stua (panel of the park). From here the road, now unpaved, runs alongside the artificial lake to the junction between the CAI 802 and 806 paths; take the latter on the left and, with a short climb, you will reach the Al Frassen house, our arrival point. The return takes place along the same road.