The following remarks are probably unnecessary for those people who were either born in this marvellous region or are drawn here by the great beauty of the Dolomites, looking for the natural environments to visit, from the best known to the unexplored ones, experiencing and admiring the magnificent landscapes or feeling the charm of the local history and traditions.
Caressing, rather than destroying, is the first sign of a respectful way to approach nature and culture: we believe that everyone will behave as a distinguished guest in one of the “elites” of the planet Earth.
No one will leave or abandon waste, pick up flowers or disturb animals, not even with an intrusive and noisy presence. Mushrooms, berries, minerals, and archaeological finds will be handled with due respect.
And so on, with other behaviors necessary to live in harmony with other people and with nature.
Wear simple and country clothes you can make dirty or break with no regrets and comfortable clothes, camouflaging with the surrounding environment, above all to have the opportunity to get closer to small or big animals; it will be enough to walk calmly, speak in a low voice, and birds will not silence when you go by.
And… please, forget the hustle and bustle of the city; stop frequently to look around, for what at first glance may seem to be a “common stone” could be a group of vivid and shining crystals with perfect shapes; what initially may seem to be nothing more than a branch could be a beautiful insect. Stop and rest in isolated areas, at the edges of the clearings, and the life in the wood will soon revive as if you were not there.
Sit down quietly before the mountain settings, the military fortress, the little mediaeval church, the Roman remains, the Venetian palaces or the ruins of the agricultural buildings of the recent past, and you will begin to feel the history and traditions of these places. Struggles of men and saints, the mystery of Om Salvarech, the work in the fields and in the mountains, the clear and gently flowing waters… as you watch, thousands and thousands of years of history will unfold before your eyes.
When you go back home, the greatest satisfaction will be to share your experience by telling your tale and showing your images to people who want to visit these places and see them just as you left them: unspoiled and beautiful.
You could also contribute to the safeguard of the places you are visiting. If, while walking across the woods and fields, along a mountain ridge or along the trails, you see infringements or pollution, please contact the Park Authority. In this way, your tours will also represent a non-stop monitoring activity of the state of health of the natural and cultural environments of one of the most beautiful parks in Italy: Dolomiti Bellunesi.

Enjoy your visit!