C.A.I. Trail no. 546

Val Clusa from forcella Moschesin – CAI 546
(photo by: Archivio PNDBL)
  • Departure: La Muda
  • Arrival: Forcella di Scalabràs
  • Difficulty Level: E – Hiking (level)

Warning! CLOSED! The CAI Trail no. 546 is no longer accessible, due to the damage occurred by the Vaia storm, in the stretch between forcella Scalabras and the junction with CAI Trail no. 545. The volunteers of the Agordo CAI are working to restore the trail’s accessibility.

Access trail with its middle stretch, between Casera prima di Val Clusa and Casera terza di Val Clusa, developing along the Park border.
Well-marked hiking itinerary.
Trail developing on a difficult lay-out in the stretch Casera terza di Val Clusa – Forcella Scalabràs.

Localities crossed: Col di S.Antonio – Val del Cristo – Val Clusa – Casera terza di Val Clusa.
Altimetry: 484 – 1,800.