Alta Via No. 2

Among the landscapes shaped by the glaciers

Bivouac Feltre on Cimonega
(photo by: Fabrizio Friz CTA-CFS)
  • Departure: Passo Cereda (1,369m)
  • Arrival: Passo Croce d’Aune (1,011m)
  • Duration: Itinerary in 3 stages. Day 1: 6 and a half/7 hours. Day 2: 7 hours. Day 3: 2 hours
  • Difficulty Level: Day 1: EE; day 2: EE; day 3: E
  • Difference in height: Day 1: 1200 m uphill, 550 m downhill. Day 2: 900 m uphill, 650 m downhill. Day 3: 980 m downhill
  • Recommended Period: from June to September
  • Virtual tour: Passo Cereda – Passo Croce d’Aune

The Alta Via n. 2, called “of the legends” is one of the great Dolomite crossings. It starts from Bressanone and ends in Feltre, crossing the western part of the Dolomite area from north to south. It is divided into 13 stages, for a total of 185 kilometers in length, which exceed 11,000 meters in altitude. The park is affected by the last 3 stages, those that cross the Feltre Alps.

Stage 1 from Cereda pass to the Bruno Boz refuge
Leaving the Cereda pass road you reach Matiuz, beyond which the Intaiada path (CAI n. 801) starts, going up a steep detrital gully (equipped sections) to the Comedon pass (2,067 m), where you enter in the territory of the National Park. Descend to the Feltre – Walter Bodo bivouac (1,930 m), in the splendid Pian della Regina basin, and continue on path 801 to Col dei Bechi (1,960m). Here the spectacular troi del Caserin path begins that reaches, with equipped sections, the foot of the Sass de Mura walls, up to the Pass de Mura, from where you descend to the Boz refuge (1,718 m).

Stage 2 from the Bruno Boz refuge to the Giorgio Dal Piaz refuge
This stage is a spectacular crossing of the Vette Feltrine, between landscapes shaped by glaciers, within the integral reserve of Piazza del Diavolo. From the Boz refuge, take the CAI 801 path, which climbs to the Finestra pass, where a spectacular but demanding stretch begins, along the ridges of Mount Zoccarè Alto and Sasso Scarnia. The path continues under Mount Ramezza, crosses the Piazza del Diavolo and leads to the Pietena pass (2,094 m) from where your gaze embraces the large disused glacial circus of the Vette. After crossing the Busa you arrive at the Vette Grandi pass, near the Dal Piaz refuge.
If you have another day, you can take the spectacular Circhi delle Vette path the following day: a ring route for expert hikers, which starts and ends at the refuge.

Stage 3 from the Giorgio Dal Piaz refuge to the Croce d’Aune pass
From the Dal Piaz refuge a spectacular military road leads, with almost a thousand meters of altitude difference downhill, to the Croce d’Aune pass (1,011 m). From the pass, the public transport service allows you to reach the center of Feltre, a true architectural jewel; the visit to the historic center is the perfect conclusion of the Alta Via.

Location: western part of the Park. Groups of Cimonega and Vette Feltrine
Access: Cereda pass could be reached by car from Fiera di Primiero. Once crossed the pass, go down the road for about 1 km to Padreterno.
Signage: CAI path 801
Didactic supports: didactic panels of the Park at the Boz refufge and Dal Piaz refuge