Cimonega hollow and Feltre bivouac

On the traces of the chamois

Conca Cimonega
(photo by: Fabrizio Friz CTA-CFS)
  • Departure: Val Canzoi: albergo Boz – Bar 4 Pass (660m)
  • Arrival: Bivacco Feltre (1,930m)
  • Duration: 4 hours (climb only)
  • Difficulty Level: EE – For expert hikers
  • Difference in height: 1,270m
  • Recommended Period: from June to September

From the parking area you go up to the dam of the lake of La Stua. Follow the road that runs alongside the lake to the junction with the CAI 802 path (which leads to the Erera Brendol plateau), here continue on the left (CAI 806). Just before the Casa Al Frassen, turn right and go up the Caorame valley to the Cimonega basin (1,637 m) surrounded by the peaks of Sass de Mura, Piz de Mez, Piz de Sagron and Comedon. From here the path starts to rise again and, overcoming some rocky cliffs, reaches the Alta Via n. 2 (CAI 801). Turning right you will reach the Feltre – Bodo bivouac. The return takes place on the way up.

A spectacular (and demanding) alternative is to follow the exposed Caserin path (CAI 801) (sections equipped with wire ropes) to the Pass de Mura and the Alvis Pass, from here go down the CAI 811 path to the Alvis malga and then return to the starting point. If you choose the ring route, at least 10 hours of walking are required.

Location: Cimonega group, in the heart of the park
Access: From Feltre or Belluno reach Soranzen (locality of the Municipality of Cesiomaggiore), where you take the road that runs through the Val Canzoi. Go up the valley for about 7 kilometers to the 4 Pass bar, where the road ends. Parking is possible just before the bar.
Signage: CAI path 806