Mount Serva

Meadows, panoramas and… geraniums

Valvelluna from Mount Serva
(photo by: Elvio Damin)
  • Departure: Col di Roanza, loc. Cargador (1,035m)
  • Arrival: Monte Serva (2,133m)
  • Difficulty Level: E – Hiking (level)
  • Difference in height: 1,100m
  • Recommended Period: from May to October

Mount Serva is characterized by the extensive grassy slopes that this itinerary crosses, offering extraordinary views of the Valbelluna. The first part of the climb leads to the Pian dei Fioc hut, from here the path climbs, with steep serpentines, to the summit of the Serva. Here it is possible to observe one of the botanical rarities of the Park: the silvery geranium.
From the top, the view sweeps over the Alpago mountains and the Dolomites. For the return, follow the same path of the climb.

Location: North of the city of Belluno, in the Schiara group.
Access: From Belluno go towards the hamlet of Cavarzano and from here towards the Sopracroda locality, pass it and proceed for about 6 kilometers until the Col di Roanza. Go past the refuge bar and continue until the end of the road in Cargador, where you can park.
Signage: CAI path 517
Didactic supports: Didactic panels of the Park in Col di Roanza and Cargador