Pramperet mountain hut

The Park’s most dolomitic corner

Val Balanzola – CAI 543
(photo by: Enrico Vettorazzo)
  • Departure: Pian de la Fopa (1,210m)
  • Arrival: Rifugio Pramperet (1,857m)
  • Duration: 2 hours (climb only)
  • Difficulty Level: E – Hiking (level)
  • Difference in height: 650m
  • Recommended Period: from June to September
  • Virtual tour: Pian de la Fopa – Rifugio Pramperet

From the parking lot, take the unpaved road that goes up the valley, in front of the dolomitic architecture of the Spiz di Mezzodì. Shortly after the departure, on the left, you can see the Giaron de la Fopa: the largest scree in the Dolomites in terms of altitude difference (over 1,000 meters). The road crosses a wooded stretch and, with some hairpin bends, climbs to Pian dei Palui pasture (1,480 m), from where it continues with a lower slope to the Pramper hut. From here it turns into a path that, going up the slopes at the foot of the Cima di Pramper, leads to the Pramperet refuge (1,857 m). If you want to avoid returning by the same route as the outward journey, you can take a ring route from the refuge using the CAI 543 path to reach Moschesin fork and, from here, go down to the Pramper hut along the CAI 540 path. you return to the starting point along the same route of the outward journey.

Location: At the north-eastern end of the park, in its Zoldano sector, in the Prampèr-Mezzodì group
Access: From Longarone reach the village of Forno di Zoldo, pass the main square and, near the church of Sant’Antonio, turn left, cross the bridge over the Maè stream and then turn left again towards Val Pramper and refuge Pramperet. Go up the steep road to the Pian de la Fopa (1,210 m; Park information panels), where you can park.
Signage: CAI path 523
Didactic supports: Didactic panels of the Park in Pian de la Fopa, Pramper hut and at the refuge. Panels of the “Val Pramper Nature Trail”