The walk of the Dolomites

A ring-route in 30 stages including the whole province of Belluno

Piani Eterni, high-mountain wetland
(photo by: Nino Martino)
  • Departure: San Vittore (Feltre) (se si fanno le tappe dalla 1 alla 8) o Perarolo di Cadore (se si fanno le tappe dalla 25 alla 30)
  • Arrival: Col di Prà (Valle di San Lucano) (se si fanno le tappe dalla 2 alla 8) o San Vittore (Feltre) (se si fanno le tappe dalla 25 alla 30)
  • Difficulty Level: E or EE depending on the chosen stage

Someone will think it’s a way of trekking. But it is not so. The Walk of the Dolomites goes far beyond. It covers the desire and the need to find oneself, in daily fatigue, in silence, in the rhythm of one’s steps, in sharing and in comparison with people, in reliving history, spirituality and culture of the past. All aspects that are fundamental parts of our life. The Walk is divided into 30 stages. The park or the immediately adjacent territories are affected by two sections: the initial one (which includes stages 1 to 8) and the final one (which includes stages 25 to 30).

Stages in the Dolomiti Bellunesi Park: