Covoli in Val di Lamen

Archaeological Itinerary on the Footsteps of Mazarol

Trail Covoli in Val di Lamen View of Pafagai
(photo by: Archivio PNDBL)
  • Departure: Val di Lamen (Stalle alla Fornace) (743m)
  • Arrival: Val di Lamen (Stalle alla Fornace) (743m)
  • Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes (short loop); 5 hours (complete loop)
  • Difficulty Level: E – hike (short loop); EE – expert hikers (complete loop)
  • Length: 2.5 km (short loop); 6 km (complete loop)
  • Difference in height: 203m (short loop); 350m (complete loop)
  • Minimum Altitude: 730m
  • Maximum Altitude: 1,049m
  • Recommended Period: from April to October

Historical-archaeological route to discover the so-called “covoli”: under rock shelters housing in the past small pre-historic communities. Today they are the object of archaeological research activities carried out by the Park. In four different sites, traces of human presence have been brought to light. The finds can be dated back to a period ranging from the Neolithic age to the Middle Ages, and include a burial of the 8th-10th century AD.

Trail Covoli in Val di Lamen Covoli alti
(photo by: Archivio PNDBL)

Location: Val di Lamen, in the Municipality of Feltre.
Access: from Pedavena follow the indications to Val di Lamen, then follow the road of the valley bottom up to a bridge on torrent Colmeda (picnic area of the Park).