The Route of the Hospices – La Via degli ospizi

On the Footsteps of the Ancient Wayfarers in Val Cordevole

Via Ospizi Prati di Salet and Mount Coro
(photo by: Oscar Marco Mussoi)
  • Departure: Certosa di Vedana (Mis) (402m)
  • Arrival: Miniere di Valle Imperina (530m)
  • Duration: 8 hour/s
  • Difficulty Level: E – Hiking (level)
  • Length: 17 km
  • Minimum Altitude: 395m
  • Maximum Altitude: 775m
  • Recommended Period: from March to November

The itinerary follows the ancient route connecting Valle del Piave with the Agordino area, along which you will meet some hospices of medieval origin. The signs of history, so frequent along the itinerary, invite you to put yourself in the wayfarer’s place, in order to discover places of great charm and interest, like Certosa in Vedana, the little village of San Gottardo, the hospices of Candàten and Agre, the Mines of Valle Imperina.
The itinerary can be divided into three laps: Vedana-Candaten, Candaten-Agre, and Agre-Mines.


Transit on the Via degli Ospizi is not allowed in the section between Agre and Sass di San Martin for safety reasons, due to landslides that have occurred in recent months.

Via Ospizi Agre Guest House
(photo by: Archivio PNDBL)

Location: Val Cordevole, in the heart of the Park.
Access: SS 203 road (Agordina) up to Mas, then follow the indications to Val del Mis and Certosa di Vedana.