Cultivated biodiversity

The Jurassic Park of apples

Cultivated biodiversity
(photo by: PN Dolomiti Bellunesi)
  • Departure: Ristorante all’Antica Torre, Col dei Mich (Sovramonte)
  • Arrival: Ristorante all’Antica Torre, Col dei Mich (Sovramonte)
  • Duration:  30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: T – Tourist (level)
  • Length: 0.7 km
  • Difference in height: 10m
  • Minimum Altitude: 780m
  • Maximum Altitude: 790m

A loop hike in Col dei Mich (Sovramonte), to discover an educational fruit orchard where ancient varieties of apples and pears are cultivated to save them from extinction: Pom Prussian and Rosetta, watermelon pears and devil’s pears. A sort of Jurassic Park for apples and pears, an extraordinary heritage of biodiversity to be discovered and protected.

Access: In Feltre, take Regional Road “SR 50 del Grappa e Passo Rolle” towards Fiera di Primiero. Before Moline, turn right on the road to Sorriva, then follow the directions to Col dei Mich.
Recommended period:
April to October