Typical products

The Park Tastes

A Quality Territory
The territory of Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi is not only made of mountains, streams, woodlands, unique plants and animals, but also of local agricultural products, which are today threatened by the industrialization and globalization of the agricultural and food industry, of traditional handicrafts, which are preserved by a few elderly people, of quality tourist structures.
In particular, the agricultural and food products represent a perfect combination between man and nature: in the Park there are several products boasting a long tradition and translating the environmental features of these mountains into unique tastes. We suggest you a small “catalogue” of the most significant ones.

Unique Tastes
The local traditional gastronomy is linked to the wild and semi-wild breeding of cattle (but also of sheep and goats), the main economic activity until the second post-war period. Cheese, meat, and cold cuts are the dominating products among the “tastes of the Park”. Unfortunately, the producers of mountain pasture cheese are fewer and fewer, but with considerable investments the Park has recovered five mountain pastures, re-launching the mountain pasture dairy products.
There are several producers of fine mountain honey, while old farmers, together with some young nature-lovers, cultivate legumes (like the famous bean of Lamon), ancient varieties of apples, barley of Agordo, spelt, walnuts, and chestnuts of Feltre.