Agordo Barley

Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Agordo barley (orzo agordino in Italian) is a specific barley species, belonging to the Family Poaceae, Genus Hordeum, Species Hordeum vulgare L., subsp. Distichum L. Such specific ecotype has been gathered and given by Istituto Professionale di Stato per l’Agricoltura e l’Ambiente “Antonio Della Lucia” from Feltre and is preserved in the Germplasm Bank of the Agricultural Experimentation and Genetics Institute “N. Strampelli” in Lonigo with access number ITA0340369. In the local and traditional agricultural reality, such ecotype gets surrogated and combined with similar varieties all strictly corresponding ot the original type, anyway always “two-row” and with a “spring sowing”.
Considering its botanical and agronomic features, this barley can be described as follows:

  • Plant description: 103cm height, erect bearing, particular growth form, penninerved, alternate, and ribbon-shaped leaves
  • Spike botanical description: two-row, with leaning and erect small spikes, slightly bent bearing, with ears, white spike with 35 seeds per spike
  • Caryopsis botanical description: tapered shape, white and unhulled, with 1,000 seeds weighting 58gr.
  • Agronomic Features: damages from the cold almost absent, resistance to oidium (Erysiphe g.) and premature heading period.

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