Cesiomaggiore Potato

Cesiomaggiore Potato
(photo by: Archivio Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi)

PATraditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Among the food and agricultural specialties of Dolomiti Bellunesi, Cesiomaggiore Potato is one of the most appreciated products for its quality, genuineness, and healthiness.
Cesiomaggiore Potato includes a limited and precise list of potato varieties that can meet the most pretentious needs of consumers as far as potatoes are concerned.
The cultivated varieties also include old local cultivars, like patata corneta or rafaiosa, perfectly adapted to the local climatic and soil conditions. The original Cesiomaggiore Potato is cultivated according to strict production specifications which, according to the ancient local agricultural tradition, prohibit the use of any chemical weed-killing, chemical pesticide, dessicative treatment during the harvesting, and germination inhibitor. Thanks to these strict rules, including inspections carried out by the experts of the Phytosanitary Service of Regione Veneto on behalf of the Town Administration of Cesiomaggiore, subscribed and guaranteed by the producers themselves, Cesiomaggiore Potato enjoys the consumers’ consent. Besides giving the tuber an excellent taste, the above-mentioned production methods offer to the consumers top-quality health and genuineness guarantees.

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