Feltre Chestnut (or Marrone)

Feltre Chestnut (or Marrone)
(photo by: PN Dolomiti Bellunesi)

Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Feltre Chestnut (or Marrone) is well known for its sweetness and floury texture. It is compact and holds up to cooking.
“Morone” Feltrino has its own features distinguishing it from other varieties: in particular, it is egg-shaped, with a velutinous hairiness at the top, evident and sometimes kneeling torch, a usually flat lateral side, while the other one is convex, well-outlined rectangular hilum cicatrix. The outer husk, called pericarp, is rather thin, brown, with darker meridian streaks, while the fruit is covered with a light brown pellicle which is easy to take off. The pulp is white, compact, and famous for its particular sweetness. Feltre chestnut is used to prepare roasted chestnuts, baked in the oven, or to prepare the classical chestnut soup.
The product is well-known for its sweetness and compactness, and holds up to cooking, maintaining intact its wonderful qualities and extraordinary taste.

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