Visitor Centres, Museums, Information Points

The structures providing information on the Park or carrying out didactic activities are many: three Visitor Centers, one Botanic Garden, one Environmental Education Center, and one Natural Museum. Dedicated both to tourists and residents, they would like to be not mere information structures, but also places of cultural exchange.
The Visitor Centers are the showcase of the Park territory, a combination of culture and information both for tourists and residents. They are situated in three different areas of the Park: in Pedavena, in the area of Feltre, in Belluno, and in the mining site of Valle Imperina, in the area of Agordo. They deal with different aspects: the Visitor Center of Pedavena focuses on an interior journey to discover the ethical reasons for the conservation of nature, the Visitor Center of Valle Imperina focuses on miners, chair makers, and the legendary wild man, while the Visitor Center of Belluno deals with the whole territory of the Park. In Belluno there is the Natural Museum, too, which focuses on the Park’s flora, whereas the Environmental Education Center “La Santina” is located in Val Canzoi.