Campanula morettiana Botanic Garden

The Park flora within the reach of everybody

Località Val Brenton
32037 Sospirolo (BL) | View on Map
Municipality: Sospirolo

Giving the visitor a “calling card”, a sample collection of the hundreds of vegetable species living in the Park: the idea to create a botanic garden in Val del Mis, upstream the lake and near the access to Cadini del Brenton, was born from this need. The Botanic Garden is also a useful instrument to carry out scientific and didactic activities dedicated to the rich Park flora (over 1,500 species) including many rare species, and is a reference point for expert botanists and mere enthusiasts.

Opened in July 2008 the garden allows us to observe high-altitude species without carrying out difficult and demanding hikes which are not suitable for all the visitors of the protected area, and it is divided into sectors representing the main environments of the Park: the rocks and the screes, the wetlands, the meadows and the pastures, the forest.
The structure has been planned according to the newest indications, as far as the accessibility for people with sight disabilities is concerned, by using Braille in the didactic panels and through the realization of a relief model of the whole garden.
Particular attention has been paid to the needs of disabled people: the garden is in fact completely accessible for people on wheelchair. The garden is not finished yet, also because we respect the times of nature: seeds or small plants are planted, therefore it will take some years before the garden becomes as wonderful as we wish it to be.

PDF The 6 didactic panels along the itinerary across the garden (PDF – 3,1Mb)

Watch the video: Scoprendo i cadini del Brenton

Access mode
Access to the botanical garden is subject to a fee. The cost of the entrance ticket is 2 euros. Access is free for children up to 12 years old, people with disabilities, people over 65 years and for all residents in the 15 Municipalities of the park.
The payment of the ticket entitles you to:

  • access the Campanula morettiana botanical garden;
  • access the path that leads to the Cadini del Brenton;
  • receive a free souvenir bookmark of the Cadini.
    The ticket can be purchased directly at the information point of the botanical garden